Contrarian Investor Alex Vieira Urges Buying First Republican Bank Shares after calling Bank Stocks Crash

We bring you the best investment opportunities and investing strategies to profit in the banking sector using AI contrarian investing.

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We bring you the best investment opportunities and investing strategies to profit in the banking sector using AI contrarian investing.

Contrarian Investing Strategy on First Republic Bank FRC

Are you eager to learn about the benefits of AI contrarian investing strategies? Fortunately you find many articles on this topic in our sites, including investing ideas for you to take advantage.

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For example, recently, Disney announced a blowout quarter, and while Wall Street raised immediately their price targets, we adopted a different investment strategy, urging investors to take profits.

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Did you know that Disney's share price crashed down to $93 since then? Indeed. U.S retail investors following Wall Street analysts lose money all the time.

Likewise, we adopted a contrarian investment strategy towards investing in First Republic Bank. Fortunately, Jim Cramer called FRC one of the best bank stocks to buy, however, we urged investors selling short above $91 instead.

Jim Cramer Bullish First Republic Bank FRC

Buy First Republic Bank FRC

Now that First Republic Bank shares collapsed down to $17, we believe that U.S retail investors capitulated, therefore, we recommended taking profits on short positions buying back shares of First Republic Bank (FRC). In addition, we also recommended reducing short positions in other stock picks discussed in our plans for small investors, Light One and Intuitive One, seeing both reporting ludicrous profits in the past months.

Congratulations for attending my livestream sessions where I have been proudly discussing the collapse of U.S bank and tech stocks.  Alex Vieira.
Buy First Republic Bank Shares $18

Our team also purchased shares of First Republic Bank announcing it on Twitter this morning when its share price was trading at $42. FRC shares soared to over $50 during pre-market trading.

Finally, you can learn more about other investing opportunities in the banking sector in our blogs, for example betting on the collapse of Credit Suisse (CS), Deutsche Bank (DB), and Wells Fargo (WFC)

Eager to learn whether you shall buy bank stocks? Join autonomous one or buy bank stock analysis from Intuitive Code.

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