Profit-Adjusted Dynamic Stop Loss (PADSL)

Our proprietary Profit-Adjusted Dynamic Stop Loss (PADSL) technology revolutionizes risk management by integrating dynamic stop loss mechanisms with accumulated profit considerations. Unlike traditional stop loss systems, PADSL continuously adjusts based on real-time market conditions and the trader's profit history, ensuring optimal protection of gains while minimizing potential losses. This innovative approach solves the problem of investors being continually stopped out due to market volatility, providing a more stable and reliable trading experience. PADSL offers professional investors a sophisticated tool for maximizing returns and enhancing decision-making accuracy.

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When to Take Profits

Smart Stop Loss by Default

We include the smart stop loss value for each stock in your portfolio by default in our analytics. The smart stop loss works exclusively with our precise AI trading signals.

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When to Re-Enter a Position

Dynamic Stop Loss: PADSL

We teach you how to calculate your Profit-Adjusted Dynamic Stop Loss (PADSL), helping you avoid being stopped out and ensuring you don't miss out on big moves.

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How to Turn a Loss into a Profit

Turn Losses into Profits

Discover a set of proven principles and workflows designed to turn losses into profits, validated in the most complex scenarios of high volatility.

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Frequently Asked Questions - PADSL

How do I calculate my Profit-Adjusted Dynamic Stop Loss (PADSL)?

To learn how to calculate your PADSL and prevent being stopped out continuously, you need to purchase a license for Intuitive One. This will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively manage your stop losses and minimize continuous losses.

What other types of stop losses do you provide?

Intuitive Code incorporates the Smart Stop Loss value in its standard analytics, which we strongly recommend for beginners. This ensures a more user-friendly and effective approach to risk management for new investors.