Real-time trading signals and stock market AI analytics for any small investor to outperform

Intuitive One bundles multiple valuable investment components into one affordable purchase. Outperform in the markets with the best bundle for small investors powered by artificial intelligence.

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Packed with artificial intelligence stock market analytics & real-time trading signals

The biggest bang and blazing performance for small investors.

real-time trading

Real-time trading signals

We deliver the most accurate trading signals in the investment industry. Entry, exit prices, and everything else between.

Adaptive Stock AI Analytics

Adaptive Stock Analytics

A self-adaptive algorithm powered by our expertise and intuition manages the complexity of investing in the markets.

Stock Portfolio

Stock Portfolio

An algorithm elects the best stocks aiming at outperforming but also helping you to acquire a deep understanding of the markets dynamics. We include 8 stocks.

Collaborative live trading

Stock ratings & Priorities

We include coherent and unbiased real-time stock ratings, In addition, we bring in intelligent priorities to help you focus your capital.

Stock Price targets

Stock Price targets

We include stock price targets and relevant stock analytics helping you to trade on your own whether you agree or not with our insight.

Market sectors

Market sectors

We include 8 stocks discussing distinct sectors helping you to diversify and to grasp the complexity of the markets.

Real-time trading like never before

What if you could outperform any market participant without paying exorbitant fees, incur into significant losses, learning from the best? Now, you can.

Actionable trading insights

Actionable Trading Insights

Real-time trading signals, price targets, stock pivots, coherent stock ratings, and superior risk analysis compared to any human.

Real-time stock analysis

Real-time Stock Analysis

How do you know that works? Because you see it live on the tape, unlike everyone else guessing about what's next.

Real-time trading
ClickUp AI for traders

Built-in ClickUp AI

We share our expertise and markets insight on ClickUp, a leading productivity platform.

ClickUp AI

Leading productivity

Benefit from over one hundred features ensuring that you execute flawlessly by accessing world-class research and analysis supported by a team of experts.


Principles that work

We use ClickUp tasks, sub tasks, dependencies, views, and comments to guide you through the investment process. In addition we teach you about priorities to help you focus.

Start outperforming in the markets today

How to get started

Getting started is straight forward. Your performance will depend on your willingness to change your attitude. We help you conquer fear and emotional distress.


Create your account

Get started by registering on the site. In addition, we offer you a free trading plan.

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Find a plethora of resources and tools to help you outperform consistently in the markets.

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What our clients say

We have been around since 1989 helping thousands to succeed in the markets. From small investors to leading investment firms.

“100% trading accuracy is real

Given today's era of mass deception and psychosis it takes someone intelligent and open minded to the truth to realize how rare and immensely valuable such a find is like Alex. Alex Vieira is one of the great mentors of my life, others include Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, certain whistleblowers. It's designed in a way that encourages the user to develop their own system to provide them true freedom. Alex Vieira is truly one of the most life changing finds I have come across that I will never forget.

Google Reviews

“The Steve Jobs of Investment

If the world needs to pick the “Steve Jobs” of stock trading and stock recommendation, they will pick Alex Vieira Vieira, with 200% certainty! But, I think he is beyond “Steve Jobs.” Actually, I call him a Genius because he is!

Lokanath Mohapatra
Docusign 2010
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“800% on my first week trading

In the first week, I was fortunate and surprised to get an 800% return on investment. I decided to upgrade, making an additional 700% within just four months. Most people would not believe it, but I am honest with you. Believe me!

Carlos Isaac III
Live interview 2017

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