AI Algorithm Trading Firm Sells Disney Shares on Blowout Earnings After Calling Stock Market Bottom

We sold Disney shares at $118 today after the company earnings report. In addition, we explain why did we buy shares at $88 in 2022

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We sold Disney shares at $118 today after the company earnings report. In addition, we explain why did we buy shares at $88 in 2022. We called a market crash downgrading Disney to Strong Sell at $200

Technical explanation

To comprehend why did we recommend to buy Disney at $88 after calling a crash downgrading to Strong Sell, you find the detailed technical explanation in this article, Train and Deploy Machine Learning models to Accurately Predict Future Stock Prices

Live Disney Technical Analysis

Furthermore, we offer a detailed real-time technical analysis for long-term investors in Disney in this article

Disney Stock Outlook 2023

On the day that Disney's share price crashed to $88, we decided to close short positions buying shares having in mind Disney's stock outlook for 2023. Hence, we bought more shares down to $84, and even more after Netflix reported a blowout quarter in 2023.

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So, while Disney investors were capitulating selling after a market crash, we were closing our short positions, buying shares aiming at squeeze them in 2023. The investment strategy played handsomely since Disney soared to $119 in today's pre-market session.

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