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What truly sets Autonomous One apart from other offerings is its exclusive inclusion of Alex Vieira's live coaching and real-time trading. With Autonomous One, you gain unparalleled access to invaluable guidance directly from Alex Vieira, allowing you to learn from his expertise and apply his insights to your trading decisions in real-time. This unique combination of live coaching and real-time trading sets Autonomous One in a league of its own, empowering you to achieve exceptional results in your investment journey.

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An array of cutting-edge technologies, including advanced analytics, ChatGPT bots for analysis and live trading, expert support, and secure collaboration on an intuitive app.

With this comprehensive suite of tools and resources at your disposal, you have everything you need to optimize your investment strategies and achieve your financial goals.

Autonomous AI trading signals ™

Autonomous AI trading signals ™

We take pride in delivering the most accurate trading signals in the industry. Our signals provide precise entry and exit prices, along with comprehensive guidance on every aspect in between. You can rely on our signals to make informed trading decisions with confidence and precision.

Adaptive Stock AI Analytics

Adaptive AI analytics ™

The Adaptive AI within our platform possesses a remarkable capability—it can autonomously update its own algorithms and integrate new learnings acquired from its experiences with fresh data. This iterative process leads to continuously improved outcomes, allowing our AI to adapt and evolve over time, maximizing its effectiveness in generating valuable insights and predictions.

Alex Vieira Live Markets

Live market commentary

With Autonomous One, you gain unparalleled access to invaluable guidance directly from Alex Vieira, allowing you to learn from his expertise and apply his insights to your trading decisions in real-time.

Live coaching and trading ™

Live coaching and trading ™

Seamlessly participate in private and group meetings directly through your browser. Our platform enables you to effortlessly address any concerns, engage in live coaching sessions, and actively participate in trading sessions. Experience a smooth and convenient way to collaborate, learn, and enhance your investment strategies, all within the comfort of your preferred web browser.

Collaborative live trading

Collaborative trading

Experience the power of collaborative trading with us. Our team is live on the tape, making a significant difference when it comes to execution and confidence in your trades. We take pride in being the only team available 24x7, providing world-class support in real-time. With our unwavering presence and support, you can trade with enhanced assurance and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

ETFs SPY500 and QQQ

ETFs SPY500 and QQQ

Gain access to real-time ETF guidance that have a profound impact on market dynamics. Our platform utilizes a probabilistic machine learning model, specifically designed to overcome data uncertainties and provide reliable insights. With this advanced technology, you can make informed investment decisions in the ETF market, leveraging the power of data-driven analysis for optimized results.

Advanced strategies

Advanced strategies

Advanced investment strategies to help you optimize your portfolio and achieve your financial goals. We offer a range of sophisticated techniques and approaches that go beyond traditional investment methods. Whether it's diversification, risk management, asset allocation, or other sophisticated strategies, our platform equips you with the tools and insights necessary to implement advanced investment strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Momentum trading

Invest in AI companies

We cover momentum trading strategies identifying hot stocks that present lucrative opportunities. With the combination of live trading capabilities and real-time insights, you can not only make long-term investments but also take advantage of highly profitable short-term moves. This flexibility allows you to optimize your investment approach, capitalizing on both long-term growth potential and short-term trading opportunities for maximum returns.

Extensive market coverage

Extensive market coverage

Our comprehensive coverage extends across a wide range of areas including geopolitics, fintech, technology, biotech, China, commodities, electric vehicles, forex, and emerging trends. We strive to keep you informed and updated on key developments in these sectors, providing you with valuable insights to make informed investment decisions in diverse markets.

Alex Vieira's Masterstroke in Forecasting

While using ChatGPT bots can be enjoyable, it's important to note that epic calls, extraordinary predictions, and insights, are exclusively available from Alex Vieira. He started investing in Nvidia in 2005.

  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Next-gen AI app
  • Epic forecasts
  • Live trading & expert support
Alex Vieira Investing in Nvidia since 2005
#1 next-gen AI trading app

Unlock the power of Custom ChatGPT bots, automation and analytics.

Unleash efficiency and output quality with our Next-Gen AI app: Custom ChatGPT Bots for training, analysis, and trading across essential investment pillars.

AI-powered trading app

Al-powered app for professionals

We offer custom ChatGPT bots for training, analysis and trading within one easy-to-use app

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics & risk analysis

Use Intuitive Code's AI basic and advanced analytics to gain a definitive edge.

Automation and integrations

Better execution and performance

We use automation to connect AI tools and AI data to streamline mission-critical AI-driven decision processes enhancing execution speed and performance.

Trailblazers in the realm of A.I, reshaping the landscape of investing and trading with innovative, data-driven strategies.

Get started

Our platform features a user-friendly onboarding program designed to assist you in getting started quickly and easily. With clear and intuitive guidance, you'll be able to navigate the platform effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience as you begin your investment journey.


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With over three decades of experience, we have assisted thousands of individuals and leading investment firms in achieving success in the markets, regardless of their size.

“The Steve Jobs of Investment

If the world needs to pick the “Steve Jobs” of stock trading and stock recommendation, they will pick Alex Vieira Vieira, with 200% certainty! But, I think he is beyond “Steve Jobs.” Actually, I call him a Genius because he is!

Lokanath Mohapatra
Docusign 2010
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“100% trading accuracy is real.

Given today's era of mass deception and psychosis it takes someone intelligent and open minded to the truth to realize how rare and immensely valuable such a find is like Alex. Alex Vieira is one of the great mentors of my life, others include Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, certain whistleblowers. It's designed in a way that encourages the user to develop their own system to provide them true freedom. Alex Vieira is truly one of the most life changing finds I have come across that I will never forget.

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“800% on my first week trading

In the first week, I was fortunate and surprised to get an 800% return on investment. I decided to upgrade, making an additional 700% within just four months. Most people would not believe it, but I am honest with you. Believe me!

Carlos Isaac III
Live interview 2017

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