Our bundles offer a perfect fusion of AI and seasoned experts in an app meticulously crafted for investors.

Introducing our remarkable bundles, meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience. With our bundles, you gain access to the extraordinary fusion of Intuitive Code's dedicated ChatGPT bot, fortified by advanced analytics and expert trading insights. However, our offering goes beyond that. Our next-generation app propels you even further, empowering you with dynamic widgets and automation that enable you to execute trades swiftly, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

Intuitive AI Code Light One

Light One

Early adopter $12k/year

An entry solution for very small investors interested in AI.

What's included in Light One:

Two dynamic widgets
120 expert insights
Secure Messenger
Real-time expert analysis
Two updates per stock as VOD
Dedicated AI chatbot
Standard support tier
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Intuitive AI Code Intuitive One

Intuitive One

Early adopter $18k/year

An affordable solution for small investors interested in AI.

Light One, plus

All Light One features, plus
Three dynamic widgets
More stocks
Three updates per stock as VOD
Dedicated AI chatbot
AI highlights best call
Premium support tier
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Intuitive AI Code Intuitive One

Autonomous One

Early adopter $75k/year

Our most popular solution including expert support by Alex Vieira

Intuitive One, plus

All Intuitive One features, plus
Up to 50 dynamic widgets
Predictive AI modeling
Dedicated AI chatbot
One-on-one notifications
Advanced analytics
Advanced trading strategies
Expert support tier
feature included
Advanced AI Chatbot
Generative AI portfolio
Built by Alex Vieira
Powered by Live data feed
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Learn about the pricing for standalone solutions and bundles

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Bundles pricing
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AI Chatbots pricing
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Support tiers pricing

Our unparalleled public record of 65,000+ case studies dating back to 1989 speaks for itself.

Intuitive Code seamlessly integrates with the latest technologies and platforms

MakeOpenAI integrationInteractiveBrokers integrationDatabricks
ZapierNYSE integrationNASDAQ integrationUpword.ai

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial?

Intuitive Code is currently offering a time-limited trial which can be accessed through www.intuitivecode.ai. Thousands of investors have already made over a million dollars using our free plan and trial over the years. Join them today!

Why is the trial limited to 3 days?

Legacy-free plans didn't encompass ChatGPT. Now, as our latest version includes ChatGPT, which incurs token costs from OpenAI, a perpetual free plan is no longer sustainable.

How to contact sales?

To get in touch with our sales team at Intuitive AI Code

Where's the pricing for professionals?

Please contact our sales team to learn about our offering for professionals.

How to search and find expert insights?

To access expert insights you are seeking, we offer a dynamic widget available in the next-gen app at www.intuitivecode.ai

Do you offer trading robots?

Yes, we do offer trading robots as part of our professional services. However, we do not sell trading robots to non-professionals. The good news is that you can still benefit from our ChatGPT trading bots, which are available for purchase.