Intuitive AI Code ChatGPT custom bots for trading pricing

Our team designs personalized ChatGPT trading bots that leverage Intuitive AI Code analysis. Our bots deliver outstanding performance, coupled with insights from seasoned trading and investment experts, making them an excellent choice for investors seeking unrivaled results.

ChatGPT trading bot

Proton ChatGPT Bot


AI trained weekly with new expert trading insights and ChatGPT 4

What's included:

feature included
Query AI bot limited to site
feature included
Powered by expert insights
feature included
AI answers from team insights.
feature included
Updated content for 1-year
feature included
Bot retrained weekly
feature included
One calendar year
feature included
Standard technical support.
feature included
Database of stocks and lessons
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ChatGPT trading bot

Maverick ChatGPT bot

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AI trained daily with curated content, ChatGPT-4, apps & ISO 27001

Everything in SONIC & PROTON, plus

GPT-4 trading bots
Bot retrained daily
Audit trail, secure chat, file, video
Mobile & desktop app
Video meetings  
Direct access to experts
Day-trading & swing trading
Custom bot with curated content
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ChatGPT trading bot

Sonic ChatGPT bot


3-days trial. Youtube membership required on trial

What's included:

Real-time trading signals
Actions for optimum results
Bot retrained monthly.
Sonic trading profits
Expert stock analysis on video.
No stock analytics during trial.
Model GPT-4 32K
95 languages available
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Our bundles offer a perfect fusion of ChatGPT bots and an award-winning app meticulously crafted for investors.

By choosing one of our bundles you experience the perfect fusion of Intuitive Code's ChatGPT bot's capabilities and Apple's design award-winning app. This delightful combination offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience that will exceed your expectations.

Intuitive AI Code Light One

Light One

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A delightful combination between chatGPT and Apple's Design Award app enriched by experts

What's included:

Real-time trading signals
Standard stock analytics
Probabilistic scenarios
Stock ratings & targets
Portfolio 4 Stocks
Earnings calls
ClickUp AI -
App similar to Netflix
Standard support tier
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Intuitive AI Code Intuitive One

Intuitive One standard

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A delightful combination between chatGPT and Apple's Design Award app enriched by experts

What's included:

All Light One features, plus
Max. 9 Stocks
Bonus: ETF SPY analysis
More trading signals
Distinct market sectors
Two one-on-one meetings
Live commentary on ClickUp
Support via omnichannel
Premium support tier
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Intuitive AI Code Intuitive One

Intuitive One premium

Al(ex) powered

A delightful combination between chatGPT, Alex Vieira, and Apple's Design Award app

All Intuitive One features plus:

Alex Vieira's powered
Audio & screen-sharing
Day-trading & swing trading
Real-time expert guidance
Hot stocks
AI analytics explained
Webinars & private lessons
Higher return on investment
Slack private channel & huddles
Expert support tier
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AI Stock Analysis & ChatGPT educational bots to learn how to invest in the markets

Whether you are looking for AI-powered stock analysis or seeking to learn how to trade in the stock market with expert guidance, we have you covered. Our chatGPT enabled bots offers a valuable repository of content designed to cater to the needs of investors like you.

AI stock analysis

Avatar AI Analysis

from $900 USD

AI-powered stock analysis with AI avatar for the stock of your choice

Watch in the app

One analysis
100% AI-based
Watch on site or app
Limited to 4 minutes
Library of 200 stocks
Delivery subject to availability
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Socrates ChatGPT educational bot

Socrates ChatGPT Bot

$900 USD/year

ChatGPT enabled bot teaches you how to invest in the stock market.

What's included

Highly valuable content
Growing library of topics.
Curated content by experts
Standard support
Generative AI
AI regularly trained
Mobile and desktop app
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Newton ChatGPT educational bot

Newton ChatGPT bot

$14K USD/year

A ChatGPT enabled bot, including human real-time trading & coaching

Everything in Socrates plus

Lessons on video
Live coaching
Real-time technical analysis
One-on-one chat
Expert support
Premium curated content
Collaboration & assignments
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Our unparalleled public record of 65,000+ case studies dating back to 1989 speaks for itself.

Intuitive Code seamlessly integrates with the latest technologies and platforms

ClickUp integrationOpenAI integrationInteractiveBrokers integrationInvesting in Tesla
ISO 27001 secure communicationsNYSE integrationNASDAQ integrationSlack

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup for a trial?

To sign up for a trial, create a free account on the site, then please reach out to us via live chat. We highly value your privacy and security. Thus, we provide a banking-grade secure app available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. To protect your personal details, we advise against using email or social media for registration.

Where do I find the free trading plan?

We are excited to announce the release of ChatGPT trading bots, and as part of our offering, we are now providing a trial of our new plans. Additionally, we invite you to continue enjoying the benefits of our legacy free plans by accessing Alex Vieira's Youtube channel for members. There, you will find the analysis included in the legacy free plan, along with a wealth of other calls and educational lessons.

How to contact sales?

To get in touch with our sales team at Intuitive AI Code, simply click on the chat icon. They will guide you on how to proceed with your request, which may include providing you with free access to our secure ISO 27001-certified app for effective communication handling.

How to compare plans?

For easy plan comparison, we have dedicated pages for each product, complete with a features comparison table on the pricing page. In addition, you can find further details in our knowledge base to help you make an informed decision.

Do you offer a trial for ChatGPT bots?

Yes, our trial conditions are available on the pricing page. In addition, you can use our ChatGPT free Socrates bot linked to our knowledge base.

Where's the pricing for professionals?

Please contact our sales team to learn about our offering for professionals.

Why should I buy from you?

No purchase is necessary. Enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive range of free plan versions released over the years. Our unique offerings set us apart from the rest of the market.

Do you offer trading robots?

Yes, we do offer trading robots as part of our professional services. However, we currently do not sell trading robots to non-professionals. The good news is that you can still benefit from our ChatGPT trading bots, which are available for purchase.