Legendary Live Trading Pricing

Our offering is designed to help you grow - exceptional value-tired pricing that fits any investor's budget. So take a giant leap toward the future by becoming part of the Legend.

Before Opening Bell

$500 USD

30 minutes session

What's included:

feature included
No commitments
feature included
30 minutes session
feature included
Pre-market sessions only
feature included
Live coaching
feature included
Max. 15 attendees per room
feature included
No software to install
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Free Trading Plan

$0.00 USD

Actionable trading insights

What's included:

feature included
Real-time trading signals
Earnings calls
Stock ratings
Price targets
Portfolio 12 stocks & Bitcoin
ClickUp AI (guest role)
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Market Hours

Contact us

up to full day session

What's included:

Market hours
Full day session
Live trading
Live coaching
Max. 5 attendees per room
No software to install
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Programs designed for active and passive investors

Get a license for one year to help you grow - exceptional value designed to scale. Get started with Light One for very small investors scaling to AI robotic solutions as you grow.

Light One

Get Started

The biggest bang for the buck for very small investors.

What's included:

Real-time trading signals
Standard stock analytics
Probabilistic scenarios
Real-time stock ratings
Real-time stock targets
Portfolio 4 Stocks & Forex
Earnings calls
ClickUp AI - ai.clickup.com
Intuitive Live trading app
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Intuitive One

Most Popular

Most popular solution for small investors for one year.

What's included:

All Light One features, plus
Portfolio 10 Stocks & Forex
More trading signals
Higher return on investment
More earnings calls
Distinct market sectors
Expert active monitoring
Two 1-on-1 consulting meetings
Gilani's Live commentary
Premium support
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Autonomous One

All in One

Be part of the legend with the All in One dream investors' solution.

All Intuitive One features plus:

Sentiment analysis
AI Lying detector analytics
Emotion analytics
Dynamic stock portfolio
Intuitive AI TS parameter
Higher trading accuracy
Live trading professional
Advanced stock analytics
ETFs & Risk Analysis
Expert support
FeaturesContact sales

AI Analysis

Choose between analysis performed by an AI avatar, expert analysis or one-on-one collaborative analysis.

AI Avatar Analysis

starting from $300

chatGPT. Intuitive AI. Autonomous RTA

Watch in the app

One analysis
100% AI generated
Watch on site or app
Limited to 4 minutes
Library of 200 stocks
Delivery subject to availability
Buy from the storeWatch example

Expert Analysis

$3,490 USD

video on demand

Watch in the app

On demand
One analysis
Download available
More detail than AI avatar
Limited to 15 minutes
Asset per request only
Delivery up to 48 hours
Contact salesWatch example

Collaborative Analysis

$6,900 USD

One-on-one expert insight

Live analysis dual screen sharing

Full collaboration
Dual screen sharing
Limited to 60 minutes
Updates for 30 days
Asset per request only
Delivery subject to booking
Contact salesBook now

AI Trading Bots

AI Trading Bots designed by the genius C. Rao and Carlos Oliveira are available to professionals.


Take Control

You have manual control

For any investor

algorithm trading signals
Bot manual
Telegram integration
Contact sales


No Emotions

The bot that trades for you

For professionals only

Bot 5
desktop and cloud robots
InteractiveBrokers integration
Contact sales

Autonomous AI RTA

AI Robotic Trading

Full automation trading bot

For professionals

remote control
Built-in Adaptive AI
InteractiveBrokers integration
Contact sales

Support add-ons

Free tier does not include any human support. Get support from world-class experts that makes all the difference.

Advanced Support

$250 USD

World-class customer support

What's included:

one-time purchase
ideal for no paying users
technical and sales
trading not included
Buy from the store

Premium Support

$1,900 USD

Premium support to help you build

Everything from advanced plus

priority ticket
live meeting
remote control
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Expert Support

$6,900 USD

Control to run your performance

Everything from premium plus

Alex, Gilani, and Oliveira
available 24x7
SLA (99.9% Uptime)
Buy from the store

Our public record speaks for itself; 65,000+ case studies since 1989.

We integrate with leading technologies and platforms

ClickUp integrationOpenAI integrationInteractiveBrokers integrationInvesting in Tesla
Traders HubNYSE integrationNASDAQ integrationDaily.co integration

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not want to learn ClickUp

You don't have to. One of our most popular products, Live Trading, does not require any software installation since you jump into your live meeting session in 1-click on the Chrome browser. In addition, you can purchase individual analysis.

Where is pricing?

Pricing depends whether you are a professional or non-professional. Log into the site to visit the correct store for your status.

How to contact sales?

We offer you the option to chat with our team. You can initiate the conversation and follow up on Live chat, Telegram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. We integrated voice, email, bots, video, and SMS.

Can I use the free plan for long-term investment?

Yes, we give you the freedom to make your investing decisions without paying a dollar. However, the free plan does not include updates on analysis and stock analytics.

How to get started?

You can get started by creating an account. Log in to learn more about our offering. No credit cards required. We offer a complimentary onboarding and a paid version on ClickUp in case you wish to learn the details about features.

Why should I buy from you?

You do not have to buy anything. You can get free live trading. What we do no one else can do. Please learn more about our mission and principles we adhere to succeed by joining the free plan before committing to a purchase.

Do you offer additional services?

Definitely, log into the site to learn more about our complete offering by visiting the online store and bot store. In addition, we offer custom solutions.

How can I thank you Alex Vieira for his free calls?

You can subscribe on Youtube for members where you find additional market insights or purchase one plan from us from the online or bot store.