chatGPT-UI app for real-time Financial Market Analysis and Trading Yields Outstanding Returns Making Global Market News

The Father of AI, Jürgen Schmidhube, says You Cannot Stop It. So, Intuitive AI Code demonstrates the technology making global live market news

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Hello, and welcome to our discussion on Intuitive AI Code's financial market analysis capabilities. In this article, I will highlight the benefits of the latest version, provide real-case examples, and guide how to use it effectively.

If you are new, get started by reading April's release notes.

chatGPT-UI app for real-time Financial Market Analysis and Trading

We have nothing to sell; we're here to demonstrate its remarkable capabilities. The new app has a user interface similar to chatGPT but is specifically designed for financial market analysis.

Through our interface, we can query the algorithm on investment-related topics. If the query exceeds its knowledge scope, it defaults to chatGPT to provide the most insightful response.

Indisputable Proof and Consistency of Results

Throughout 2023, a common question revolves around the rapid generation of one million dollars. Alex Vieira presented his insight to his YouTube channel members.

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Today, we'll unravel the source of this intriguing and ingenious profitable idea.

How does chatGPT-UI app for trading work

Intuitive Code's algorithms can assist in tailoring an investment portfolio suited to one's risk profile. 

Beyond selecting the optimal stock for purchase or short selling, it can perform a thorough risk analysis, present best and worst-case scenarios, and provide advanced AI analytics such as asset price target, rating, support, resistance, trailing stop, and sentiment analysis.

Our model can serve an AI-powered analysis delivered on video, and it will create it if it doesn't exist. Unfortunately, these capabilities are not available in OpenAI's chatGPT.

Yet, should one desire non-investment-related topics, such as restaurant recommendations to celebrate the latest achievements in the stock market with friends, chatGPT stands ready to assist.

Superb Performance Reported on Global Live Market News

Alex Vieira's insight for short-sellers, published on YouTube on March 30, 2023, resulted in a million-dollar yield within a month, available in the autonomous free trading plan.

This unheard-of company's stock value plummeted 90% after his revelation. The only step taken was asking the algorithm for the best stock to sell short on March 30, 2023.

This triumph validates our technology as an unparalleled resource for accurate predictions.

Mallinckrodt's Share Price Soars 600% overnight

We tested the model on May 18, 2023, asking for the best stocks to buy and short-sell. It suggested Mallinckrodt and Foot Locker, respectively.

Remarkably, Mallinckrodt's value increased by 450% the following day, and Foot Locker's share price crashed by 30% due to missed earnings.

Mallinckrodt's share price soars 600%

Did you know Alex Vieira's accurately predicted Malllinckrodt's share price crash by downgrading shares to junk at $85? We published his free and famous insights on social media and the sites years ago. 

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Foot Locker Share Price Crashes 30% overnight

So, these results are unsurprising to those who follow us since we have a very successful long-term track record investing in both companies.

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The Father of AI says, 'You cannot stop it.' 

The German computer scientist, Jürgen Schmidhuber, known as the "father of AI," said fears over technology are misplaced, and artificial intelligence's progress is no stopping.

We embraced A. I decades ago, and only now, Americans claim to be the fathers.  To summarize, AI is considered one of the most revolutionary developments in human history, and the world has already witnessed its transformative capabilities. We're proud of powering some of the most cutting-edge solutions. Thank you for your continuous trust in our solutions.

Trailblazers in the realm of AI, reshaping the landscape of investing with innovative strategies.