Buy Meta Platforms to Outperform in the Stock Market Laughing at Wall Street Forecasts

We closed our long-term short positions in Meta Platforms, upgrading to buy at $88, aiming at outperforming investing in large tech companies

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We closed our long-term short positions in Meta Platforms, upgrading to buy at $88, aiming at outperforming investing in large tech companies going into 2023. We downgraded Meta Platforms (META) to Junk at $370, forecasting the worst tech stock crash in history.

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In 2022, we decided to share Meta Platforms (META) earnings calls with investors calling a historical selling short opportunity down to $88.

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We changed our Meta Platforms outlook once Wall Street turned bearish the stock after the tech crash, urging investors to buy shares instead. In addition, we explained to Meta investors why its share price could rally going into 2023 against the everyone's else price predictions.

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We have seen Meta's shares soaring since then. Wall Street has lost billions missing the crash and the rally.

Invest in Meta Platforms going into 2023

Hi, good morning. Alex here with Meta, which I had the pleasure of teaching how to invest in this company since IPO, former Facebook. This stock is currently one of the best outperformers in the US stock market. I'm referring to large cap companies. And the reason you find it in the app, when I told you that Facebook, the moment it reached $88 to close short positions and to start buying shares, today you comprehend why this stock is trading at $144.

Moreover, I had the pleasure of last year in 2022 to release lessons of great value, great importance for those interested in outperforming in 2023, precisely addressing Meta, but equally topics such as the massive layoffs that you are seeing some companies announcing in the US stock market, as the case of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and so on. So everything that you see happening today, it was addressed last year in 2022.

So congratulations to those that they closed short positions the very moment that the stock reached $88, because so far it constitutes the bottom, and buying shares since then. It is very important that you comprehend that by doing the opposite of everyone else, I'm now referring to 320 million Americans that they have been losing money in the markets for decades, including Wall Street analysts, that they downgraded Meta platforms precisely at the bottom.

Once again, the same investment firms, the case of Morgan Stanley that I've been repeating here myself thousands of times, every time they downgrade stocks immediately they gain, they double, triple, and more.

Even highly speculative stocks, you have seen it happening recently, the case of Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY), we made a call, and the stock rallied 500%. So this, my friends, is extremely simple. The only thing that you have to do is to follow the instructions. I've been here since Facebook IPO explaining the steps, and you just click a button and nothing else.

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So this stock, Meta platforms, I repeat, is today one of the best performers, large cap companies outperforming Google, Microsoft, and everything else, including Tesla, in percentage terms. And the reason is all the coaching, the trade signals real time, the steps that I shared with you. Therefore, congratulations on this constitutes, for obvious reasons, one more milestone in the markets. Thank you.

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