AI Pattern Stock Analysis Output on Best Stocks to Buy on Core U.S CPI Inflation Number

AI Pattern Analysis offers continuous and consistent profits for stock market investors, recommending buying Avis shares

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AI Pattern Analysis offers continuous and consistent profits for stock market investors, recommending buying Avis shares ahead and after CPI numbers.

U.S Core CPI Inflation Number

Core CPI, a measure of inflation that strips away volatile food and energy prices, rose last month by 0.4% from December’s 0.3% increase. That put the annual core CPI inflation rate at 5.6%.

These are very good numbers to squeeze U.S retail investors in the stock market.

January CPI inflation rate slows to 6.4%. Gregory Daco, chief economist at EY, said the rise in core CPI last month isn't "cause for concern" since the big jump in shelter prices could mean there will be smaller increases in coming months.

Daco predicts annual inflation will fall to 2.3% by the end of the year. Core inflation, he predicts, will fall to 2.8%

Automated decision-making algorithms.

The algorithm identifies a pattern and then computes the evolution of the asset, determining probabilistic scenarios. Then, it intelligently assigns the optimum trading strategy based on successful previous experiences and current trading, delivering an adaptive computational model for humans and robots to execute.

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Buy Avis Shares

We repeated the same recommendation in the past year buying Avis shares on weakness multiple times seeing it share price zooming. You can find our free trading signals and earnings calls on the free trading plan as well as on the autonomous blog.

In 2023, we felt more confident buying Avis (CAR) shares at $157. Although we recommended buying Disney (DIS), we considered Avis a better alternative, i.e. more upside compared to Disney.

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Did you know that Morgan Stanley downgraded Avis? Indeed! One more reason for investors seeing a tremendous stock rally.

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U.S. retail investors started buying Avis today at $242. We started at $7.
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Invest in Avis

Avis's share price soared to $242 in 2023, nearly $100 per share higher since we started buying back shares. The U.S retail investor is buying today on bullish comments.

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