U.S. Financial Collapse: Intuitive Code's Team that Called SVB Collapse Increases Short Positions in Bank Stocks

We called SVB collapse, and we continue using AI contrarian investing strategies to profit from the U.S. financial collapse.

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We called SVB collapse, and we continue using AI contrarian investing strategies to profit from the U.S. financial collapse. Did you know the day before Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed, our team jumped on Livestream announcing new short positions in bank stocks while adding to existing ones?

Credit Suisse Collapse

We are proud of being the first team discussing the collapse of Credit Suisse downgrading shares to junk years ago, maintaining a bearish outlook since then, including ahead of Credit Suisse most recent earnings report.

Credit Suisse has been a Ponzi scheme and black box for years. Alex Vieira

U.S. Financial Collapse

So, we immediately made an enormous array of analyses available on our site for anyone interested in purchasing. In addition, yesterday, while Wall Street raised targets on bank stocks saying the worst is over, we adopted a contrarian approach. We have not seen a loss yet; all we can say is that profits selling short U.S. stocks are ludicrous.


We have been warning investors for three consecutive years about U.S. stocks crashing. But, before we decided to reverse course, you got used to listening from us to buy stocks, while others remained bearish, calling for market crashes.

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U.S. futures are down nearly 600 points overnight following our announcement.



What about the U.S. retail investor crowd following Wall Street analysts to succeed in investing in the U.S. stock market? Unless you are a depositor, they're bankrupt.


Contrarian Investing Strategies for Financial Markets

Did you know the President of the United States, Joe Biden, appeared on national TV commenting about Silicon Valley Bank's collapse? Do you find it normal?

The fools who continue believing in Wall Street and crooks like Jim Cramer found this action patriotic and very much needed to calm people down; however, your losses keep mounting to record highs.

Learn more about AI contrarian investing by watching the video.

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