The AI-Powered Prophet of the Stock Market is Betting Against Western Alliance and on PacWest Collapse

Alex Vieira, the AI-powered stock market prophet, is a well-known short-seller of U.S. bank stocks, famous for his bold predictions.

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Alex Vieira, the AI-powered prophet of the stock market is a well-known short seller of U.S. bank stocks, famous for his bold predictions, who has made headlines for his bearish bets on several banks. Vieira, who has gained a reputation for his accurate predictions, made waves when he bet on the collapse of First Republic Bank, which proved to be accurate as the bank's stock price crashed, and ultimately disappeared after J.P Morgan acquired the bank assets making fun of the American working class.

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Now, Alex Vieira is again making headlines with his bearish bets on two more banks: Western Alliance and PacWest. But, according to him, the worst is far from over for these banks, and he has been actively selling short their stocks for months.

Intuitive Code's team has assumed short positions in these banks and others. He has been particularly critical of PacWest (PACW), which he believes is overvalued and facing several headwinds. In a recent huddle on Slack, he recommended using pre-market strength to sell short Western Alliance (WAL) and PacWest (PACW).

The U.S. retail investors paid over $32 for Western Alliance (WAL) and over $8 for PacWest (PACW) while our clients were selling short.

U.S bank stocks to sell today

Vieira pointed out that Western Alliance and PacWest have a high concentration of obscure loans and assets.

Warren Buffett, a billionaire investor, seems to agree after issuing a dire warning for those willing to gamble in bank stocks.

As for PacWest, Alex Vieira has been very bearish, citing concerns about the bank's exposure to assets of very suspicious value. He has also expressed skepticism about the bank's ability to weather a potential recession, arguing that it needs to be well-positioned to deal with an economic downturn.

Vieira's bearish bets on these banks have drawn criticism from some quarters, with some analysts arguing that he may be overstating these institutions' risks. However, he has a track record of success in predicting market trends, and his opinions carry weight in the investment community.

Whether his predictions will prove accurate this time remains to be seen. However, his bearish bets on Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers, Countrywide, Bear Stearns, WorldCom, IndyMac, AIG, Banco Espirito Santo, Research in Motion, and more recently, Bed Bath & Beyond, Peloton Interactive, Nikola, Tupperware, Lucid Group, Rivian, Snap, Virgin Orbit, PayPal, Block, and Virgin Galactic have already earned him a reputation as one of the most prescient short sellers in the market, and investors will no doubt be watching closely to see if he is proven right once again.

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Ultimately, whether or not investors follow Vieira's lead and sell short Western Alliance and PacWest will depend on several factors, including their risk tolerance and investment goals. However, there can be no doubt that AI-powered analysis and predictions will continue to influence the market. As a result, his bearish outlook on these two banks will likely generate much discussion and debate in the weeks and months ahead.

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