Intuitive AI Code Divests Palantir After Predicting a 250% Stock Rally in 2023

Intuitive AI Code recommends divesting from Palantir after predicting a 250% rally, forecasting a plunge to single digits despite promising partners

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Leading AI-based financial analytics firm Intuitive AI Code advised investors to divest from Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR) today, selling shares at $17.

This surprising advice comes from the firm's stunning prediction of a  massive 250% rally in Palantir's stock in 2023, with shares soaring to $17 in today's market session.

The recommendation illustrates AI's potential in stock market analytics, providing invaluable insights to long-term investors.

Intuitive AI Code suggests this is the opportune time for investors to sell their holdings. This suggestion coincides with Palantir's recent partnership announcement with Panasonic Energy. While many see this collaboration as a positive stride for the firm, Intuitive AI Code perceives it as a prime window to realize profits before a potential decline.

In addition, Alex Vieira, the Vice-President for AI at Intuitive Code, has been instrumental in pushing for this divestment. Known for his successful market predictions, Vieira accurately called Palantir's stock crash to single digits, downgrading to Junk at $42

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Vieira's forecast stems from his robust AI-based stock analysis and over three decades of market experience. This analytical approach leverages artificial intelligence to discern actionable insights from market trends, financial indicators, and industry trajectories. This forecast is a testimony to AI's essential role in helping long-term investors make informed decisions in the chaotic world of stock markets.

However, while AI-powered analytics provides crucial insights, our team predictions should be viewed in the context of other market indicators, industry trends, and the firm's performance indicators.

The advice to sell Palantir shares today is just one piece of the broader picture investors must consider when assessing their portfolios, Elena, Intuitive Code's CEO

Intuitive AI Code's advice to sell Palantir following their prediction of a massive rally underscores AI's significant role in stock market analytics. Even as Palantir's partnership with Panasonic Energy is seen as promising, Intuitive AI Code encourages prudence, highlighting the need for a comprehensive, data-driven investment strategy.

One thing is clear - AI is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for long-term investors looking to navigate the complex, compelling, and often tumultuous world of stock market investing.

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