From Data to Profits: My Experience with Intuitive Code Leveraging Automation and Analytics to Succeed in Tech and AI Investments

CEO of Intuitive Code, shares Aaron's journey of transforming his investments with our advanced analytics, achieving remarkable success in tech and AI

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In this article, Elena, the CEO of Intuitive Code, presents a compelling review from Aaron, one of our esteemed clients. Aaron shares his journey of transforming his investment strategies using Intuitive Code's advanced analytical tools. Aaron's experience is a great example of how our data-driven insights and automated systems can bring remarkable success in the tech and AI markets. Join us as we explore Aaron's captivating journey and discover the real-world advantages and potential for incredible investment returns when utilizing Intuitive Code.

My Experience with Intuitive Code Leveraging Analytical Power to Succeed in Tech and AI Investments

The following review was written by Aaron in Portuguese available at this link. If you are interested in learning more about automation, I recommend the recent articles: "Harness AI for Automated Trading: Comprehensive Guide to Intuitive Code's Automated Market Strategies" and Inside My AI-Driven Investment Journey: How I Conquered Meta, Abercrombie, and Nvidia with Autonomous AI Agents."

Aaron's Reviews Intuitive Code

In this review, I share my personal experience with the company Intuitive Code and how I used their analytical data to develop my automated investment system in the US stock market, with the support of the company's engineering team. Additionally, I describe the steps I followed, which were fundamental in boosting my confidence and led to a return on investment that I never imagined possible.

I started in 2021 by searching on Google with the terms "AI RPA for investing and trading", finding references to Alex Vieira and Autonomous Trading. Delving deeper into the research, I obtained recommendations to bet on the decline of companies such as Peloton Interactive, Roku, PayPal, Zoom Video, and Virgin Galactic.

Initially, I decided to test these recommendations in a paper trading account. After two months, the results were surprising, but several problems arose, such as when to close positions, whether to add more, and where to position trailing stops due to market volatility.

I used my technical analysis knowledge along with financial company analyses from Wall Street provided by my broker but got terrible results. The paper trading positions were closed prematurely, missing out on extraordinary profit opportunities as the stocks continued to fall.

The stress of missing opportunities can be paralyzing, resulting in inaction and no real gains. This was exactly what happened to me. I continued testing in a paper trading account without real gains.

Then, I scheduled an online meeting with Intuitive Code, explained my needs, and defined my own portfolio. Although I initially only acquired analytical data for companies of my interest, the transformation was remarkable, finally understanding why I was continuously missing lucrative opportunities.

Still hesitant to spend more money, I didn't purchase programs with trading signals. Even so, my results improved significantly with the daily AI analytical data. I started to know at what prices to place short-selling orders without the risk of closing positions prematurely, understanding better the potential profit and risk.

I decided to use my real trading account with margin, and a percentage of the profits was used to acquire a program that informed the best companies to invest in by sector. The program was simple, with added value in the recommended company list, some of which I initially didn't know but added to a watch list called "my future".

This process, although late and full of emotional obstacles, led to significant profits in my short positions, initially based on the AI RPA research that culminated in the name Alex Vieira.

As an economist by profession, I have always been rigorous and somewhat prejudiced. My brother, an engineer in an American company, instilled in me a passion for RPA, although without interest in financial markets. I saw Alex Vieira as a fusion of the two, with deep knowledge in various areas, making complexities into routine activities with exceptional skill.

With the help of my brother in the United States and Intuitive Code, I created an RPA project, which today is truly AI RPA. After consulting my brother, I bought the RPA software proposed by Intuitive Code. We designed an automated system to place orders on the stock exchange based on the proposed portfolio, the best companies to invest in, my short positions, and the AI analytical data.

Initially with 25 companies, we filtered using Intuitive Code's AI analytical data, reducing to 7. We used AI to automatically create components in the process without needing to know code. We concentrated 80% on 5 assets: two companies (one long position and one short position) and 3 ETFs. A significant part of the profits was used to increase positions, and the rest was used to acquire physical gold, suggested by Alex Vieira, proving to be a phenomenal insight.

The companies that changed our lives were Intuitive Code, Nvidia, Lam Research, Meta Platforms, Peloton Interactive, and Virgin Galactic. This adventure proved fruitful, not only materially but also personally, strengthening the relationship with my brother and our wives.

A final word of appreciation for Alex Vieira, an extraordinary person with rare values, always available, even on weekends and early mornings due to the time difference, involving my dear brother.

Trailblazers in the realm of AI, reshaping the landscape of investing with innovative strategies.