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Autonomous Trading is a division of Intuitive Code dedicated to the development of artificially intelligent autonomous algorithms for robotic trading. Intuitive Code project started in 1989, in tribute to the Russian mathematician, Grigori Perelman. 

Intuitive Code team shares Einstein’s and Perelman’s conduct and principles. Namely, the fact that the only true source of knowledge is experience and the only thing of real value is intuition. 

Here, we state that real value as a result of a creative process derives from a profound interconnection between experience and intuition. Since intuition is an extraordinary rare quality in human beings, most are unable to create anything having as their unique reference the society common beliefs. 

We established our competitiveness learning how to think differently, educating and empowering our brain with natural skills, moving aside from the crowd, creating our own set of rules and principles based on true natural languages, mathematics and intuition. Thereafter, creativity assumes the primary role as an expression of intuition.

Our mission is to code the human nature, while helping one evolving into a creative mind using artificial intelligence, experience and intuition to obtain high consistent profits in the capital markets.

Get started by learning how we can dramatically improve your life as we have doing for thousands more during the past three decades.

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Meet the family



Alex Vieira is married and father of two lovely boys. He has been a professional investor for thirty-three years. His perfect record is well known in the industry.


VP Operations
Louis is an engineer. You can see him publishing marvelous tips for investors on Intuitive AI Code and Autonomous Trading blog. He has been a professional investor for twenty five years.


Tesla AI trading
Elena is the person responsible for the magic behind Tesla AI trading. It's truly unbelievable what she has accomplished investing in Tesla since IPO. Ask any subscriber! She has been a professional trader for nine years.


Nikolay is a professional investor behind support and institutional trading. You can find him 24 x 7 available on Microsoft Teams whenever you need help.

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