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Pioneers since 1989
Since the beginning, Alex Vieira has believed that technology is key to building a happier and more fulfilling future. So, back in 1989, he began as a pioneer in the Information Revolution, envisioning the future after completing his MSc in Engineering from the UMIST in England. Alex started discussing the next chapter of our endeavor, the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, before anybody else. He has been explaining the future that lies upon us. The way we live, communicate, travel, work, and plan for disruptions during the process. He shares his vision with investors aspiring to succeed while shaping the future together. Intuitive Code brings AI Vision, the most popular solution among professionals, including his famous and genius ETF calls that accurately predict markets evolution.

Traders' Insight Bundle

Expert Traders’ Insight bundle is the ultimate collection of services for one low annual fee. You save 80% compared to purchasing individual components by buying the bundle. Save 15% with a bi-annual plan, and 30% off when signing for three years.


$ 90
Per Day
  • Trading signals
  • Invest in Tesla
  • Stock analysis
  • Live trading
  • Stock ratings
  • MEME stocks
  • Best stocks to buy
  • Best stocks to sell short
  • Best currency to buy
  • How to invest course
  • The Foundation course
  • Stock charts
  • Earnings Call
  • Trailing stops
  • Stop losses
  • Short-term trading
  • Long-term investment
  • Premium stocks for maximum ROI
  • Premium support
  • Notifications
  • Omnichannel 24x7 support
  • Real-time group and private messaging
  • Access to members-only content library since 2019
  • 1-year duration. No recurring contract.


$ 3,000
Per Day
  • Everything in Personal
  • For companies
  • Maximum 12 users
  • Intuitive AI Research
  • AI Risk Analysis
  • ETF SPY DIA QQQ guidance
  • Alex Vieira's Full Livestream
  • Alex Vieira's Expert support

Live Trading & Education
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Get started by creating a free bot account. Then, explore the resources. 

We offer different bundles, each including distinct products representing the best value for the user.

You find a complete description of each service on the bot. Feel free to schedule a meeting if you need assistance, or purchase the Omni-channel messaging solution.

You can save 15% with a bi-annual plan and 30% off when signing for 3-years.