Emotion Analytics to Monetize Induced and Irrational Behaviours.

Firstly, use AI Sentiment Analysis to evaluate and induce sentiment change, then use Emotion Analytics to monetize upon investors' extreme behaviors by assuming calculated bets against the naive. Finally, predictive modeling automatically calculates the potential return on investment.

Emotion Analytics for Professional Investors
Model asset price evolution

Model asset price evolution

Intuitive Code predictive modeling calculates the potential outcome of future events by using proprietary optimal data with market impact. In some instances, we can calculate the evolution of an asset over time with extraordinary accuracy.

Repeatable value

Repeatable value

We find greatness by extracting repeatable value from AI Pattern analysis and recognition.

AI algorithms

AI algorithms

We focus on algorithms, software robots and data science. Our research and analysis have applications in the fields of technology and finance. Our work extends to areas such as AI RPA. Predictive Analytics. Risk Analysis. SaaS Robots.

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Given today's era of mass deception and psychosis it takes someone intelligent and open minded to the truth to realize how rare and immensely valuable such a find is like Alex. Alex Vieira is one of the great mentors of my life, others include Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, certain whistleblowers. It's designed in a way that encourages the user to develop their own system to provide them true freedom. Alex Vieira is truly one of the most life changing finds I have come across that I will never forget.

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“The Steve Jobs of Investment

If the world needs to pick the “Steve Jobs” of stock trading and stock recommendation, they will pick Alex Vieira Vieira, with 200% certainty! But, I think he is beyond “Steve Jobs.” Actually, I call him a Genius because he is!

Lokanath Mohapatra
Docusign 2010
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In the first week, I was fortunate and surprised to get an 800% return on investment. I decided to upgrade, making an additional 700% within just four months. Most people would not believe it, but I am honest with you. Believe me!

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Live interview 2017