Intuitive Code's AI-Driven Analysis: Redefining Financial Forecasting by Accurately Predicting China Tech Stock Crash

Intuitive Code leverages A.I. to accurately predict major China tech stock crashes, revolutionizing financial forecasting.

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Intuitive Code, a leading provider of artificial intelligence and autonomous trading solutions, has gained recognition for its game-changing insights into China's tech market. The company's unique foresight led to precise predictions of significant downturns in key Chinese tech stocks, notably Pinduoduo,, Baidu, and Alibaba.

As the only entity accurately forecasting the crash in these major China tech stocks, Intuitive Code's team demonstrated the unmatched power of their AI-driven analyses. As a result, while other market players faltered, the Intuitive Code team successfully identified the impending crash and advised their followers to sell these stocks, mitigating potential financial losses.

Alibaba Stock Crash Forecast

Alibaba (BABA), recognized by the Intuitive Code team as a stock bubble, was downgraded to Strong Sell at $318. 

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This call was part of their autonomous free trading plan, which has been instrumental in guiding investors. The recommendation was to short Alibaba, potentially causing significant losses for U.S. retail investors. Stock Crash Forecast

Similarly, (J.D.) was flagged as a sell above $98, downgraded to Junk by Alex Vieira, a prominent figure in the Intuitive Code team. Since then, Vieira has been selling short, suggesting a strategy to inflict maximum losses on U.S. retail investors.

Quit Investing in China Selling Pinduoduo 

For Pinduoduo (PDD), the most recent recommendation was for investors to quit investing in China and close long positions at $96. Previously, Pinduoduo was upgraded to Strong Buy at $26 as soon as Wall Street called a doomsday scenario for China. 

Reiterating their unique capabilities, the Intuitive Code team remains the only entity accurately predicting all significant moves in these China tech stocks, sharing their insights online.

On the other hand, Vieira's mission is to inflict maximum pain and losses on U.S. retail investors, a strategy demonstrated by his recommendations for these China tech stocks. He also emphasized the impending downfall of numerous American companies.

Beyond their prescient China tech market insights, Intuitive Code's team has endorsed companies that consistently contribute to a better future, including Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla. Their investment strategy also extends to undervalued or overlooked companies, demonstrating a diverse approach to stock market investment.

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Intuitive Code emphasizes the importance of investing in companies that provide long-term value. To this end, they have launched educational initiatives such as the Value Investing Course for Beginners. This course highlights successful investment stories, like the recommendation to buy AMD at $9, First Solar at $29, Chipotle at $58, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals at $77.

Intuitive Code's AI-powered real-time analysis has gathered a dedicated following among investors worldwide, aiding them in avoiding heavy losses associated with stock bubbles and risky assets.

In conclusion, Intuitive Code's unique approach encourages investing in companies shaping the future, particularly those focusing on artificial intelligence. They caution against investing in speculative assets and instead advise concentrating on companies that offer long-term value.

Intuitive Code's advancements in the financial industry continue to make waves. With over three decades of experience, the company consistently innovates through its A.I. algorithms and expert insights. Recently, the company established a groundbreaking partnership with a significant wealth fund, further solidifying its position as a leader in AI-powered analytics for financial markets.

Trailblazers in the realm of AI, reshaping the landscape of investing and trading with innovative, data-driven strategies.