Free trading for any investor to outperform

The Free Trading Forever plan solves the extraordinary complexity of investing in the markets regardless of market conditions offering a superior return on investment. An artificially intelligent algorithm helps you to manage the dynamics of investing, by including real-time actionable insights and highly accurate trading signals eliminating costly mistakes and emotional distress.

Actionable Trading Insights

Actionable Trading Insights

Real-time trading signals, price targets, stock pivots, coherent stock ratings, and superior risk analysis compared to any human.

Easy to use


You do not need to master trading, unreliable indicators, complex financial instruments to outperform other market participants.

Human Takeover


The Free Trading plan, includes onboarding for you to get acquainted with features and our principles.

Real-time Stock Analysis

Real-time Stock Analysis

How do you know that works? Because you see it live on the tape, unlike everyone else guessing about what's next.

Earnings Calls

Live Earnings Calls

Astonishingly accurate earnings calls ahead and after earnings reports. We pick up the best for you, leaving concise instructions on how to let profits run.

Entry and exit prices

Entry & Exit Prices

AI-driven investment focus on long-term investment, avoiding costly day-trading, guessing, and markets volatility.

AI recommends stocks

U.S & China

The free trading plan addresses investment opportunities in the U.S. stock market, NASDAQ and NYSE, and China. In addition, we discuss the most important economies in the world.

Diversify for Higher Growth

No updates

The free plan does not include updates on analytics, or features like dynamic portfolio, momentum trading, live streaming and commentary. Upgrade with profits generated in the free plan.

AI-powered trading


Artificial Intelligence picks up the best stock portfolio by continuously assessing risk scenarios and potential gains while defining actionable insights to accomplish goals.

ClickUp AI for traders

Live Trading app. ClickUp. Video conferencing. AI analysis and analytics.

We share our expertise and markets insight on ClickUp, a leading productivity platform.

ClickUp AI

Leading productivity for investors

Benefit from over one hundred features ensuring that you execute flawlessly by accessing world-class research and analysis supported by a team of experts.

Investment Principles

Principles that work

We use ClickUp tasks, sub tasks, dependencies, views, and comments to guide you through the investment process. In addition we teach you about priorities to help you focus.

Investment Principles

The best technologies integrated

We use ClickUp for real-time collaboration with end-users, but video and live streaming work better in our native app. No learning curve.

Our Fields of Expertise

We turn useless complexity into valuable simplicity by sharing our expertise and insight with those aspiring to succeed in the markets while shaping the future together. We cover geopolitics, finance, technology, biotechnology, China, commodities, electric vehicles, forex, cryptocurrencies, climate change, and new trends.

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