Intuitive Code Successfully Foresees Disney Market Crash: Billionaire Soros and AI Fund Shift Focus to A.I., Nvidia, Netflix, and Microsoft

Intuitive Code accurately predicts Disney's crash, shifting focus to A.I., Nvidia, and Microsoft. Soros follows suit, investing in Netflix.

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Disney's stock price has recently dropped significantly, plummeting to $90 following the announcement of disappointing earnings. Anticipating this downturn, the team at Intuitive Code advised investors to divest their Disney holdings when shares were at $118, despite Wall Street's optimistic price targets.

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In fact, Intuitive Code had previously downgraded Disney's rating to a "strong sell" when shares were valued at $200, accurately predicting a market crash. Alex Vieira kindly shared his famous call on Disney with his YouTube members.

This shift in Disney's market position has proven favorable for billionaire investor George Soros, who recently reallocated his funds from Tesla to Netflix. Like Soros, the team at Intuitive Code has expressed skepticism about the viability of the streaming industry, aligning more closely with Warren Buffett's investment strategy. However, they instead prefer to focus their investments on artificial intelligence.

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Invest in Microsoft AI

Intuitive Code has opted to increase its stake in Microsoft and Nvidia rather than invest in Disney.

We proudly have seen thousands of happy clients since Microsoft's share price soared to $319 within days and Chipotle zoomed to new all-time highs about $2,100 in today's trading session.

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