Faraday Future Live Trading: Insane 9,000% Short Squeeze Gain and 33-Second Short Sell Call Triggers Crash to 80 Cents!

Witness the most epic trading event ever: Faraday Future's 9,000% short squeeze gain followed by an epic crash to 80 cents in two hours!

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In the fast-paced world of stock trading, few events capture the attention of investors like a dramatic short squeeze followed by an equally stunning crash. This Friday, we witnessed what can only be described as the most epic short squeeze and MEME stock crash ever, involving Faraday Future (FFIE). Learn who makes the calls on MEME stocks like GameStop, AMC, and Faraday Future, demonstrating unprecedented accuracy and establishing new stock market milestones.

Live Trading Faraday Future: Most Epic Short Squeeze and MEME Stock Crash Ever in 33 Seconds!

Intuitive Code's Bold Prediction

At Intuitive Code, our team utilizes cutting-edge AI Analytics to forecast market movements with unprecedented accuracy. Our recent prediction centered on Faraday Future, a company known for its volatility and popularity among retail traders. Our AI models indicated a potential price surge of 9,000%, setting a target of $3.7 per share, which you can see on the live session before FFIE's share price got there.

The Surge Begins with the Press Inviting Foolish Investors to Buy MEME stocks.

As trading commenced, Faraday Future’s stock price began to climb rapidly. The excitement was palpable as it surged towards our predicted target. Investors watching the live session saw the share price inching closer to $3.7, driven by a combination of market momentum and the influence of retail traders rallying around this MEME stock.

The Strategic Move that Changed the Course of History

At the critical moment when Faraday Future’s stock price hit $3.7, Alex Vieira, the host of our live trading session, made a decisive call. Leveraging our AI-driven insights, he ordered to sell all holdings and switch to a 10,000% short position. This bold move was executed with precision, capitalizing on the peak price. Alex Vieira sold his position in Faraday Futures a day before, to plan the surreal crash together with the team at Intuitive Code.

The Surreal and Dramatic Crash to 80 Cents in Just Two Hours

What followed next was nothing short of spectacular. Within 33 seconds of reaching its peak, Faraday Future’s stock price began to plummet. Investors watched in awe as the share price crashed from $3.7 to a mere 80 cents after-hours. The dramatic fall underscored the volatility of MEME stocks and the importance of timely decision-making in trading.

Proving Our Expertise

This event was more than just a thrilling moment in trading history; it was a testament to Intuitive Code’s expertise in market analysis and prediction. Our ability to forecast such a significant price movement and execute a strategic trade with precision highlights the power of AI Analytics. This achievement adds to our impressive track record of accurate predictions in MEME stocks, including notable successes with GameStop and AMC.

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A Legacy of Accuracy

Since 1989, Intuitive Code and Alex Vieira have been at the forefront of stock market predictions, publishing thousands of case studies that demonstrate our unparalleled accuracy. Our commitment to leveraging technology and data analytics has consistently given our clients an edge in the market.

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The live trading session of Faraday Future will be remembered as one of the most epic short squeezes and crashes in trading history, all unfolding in a mere 33 seconds. It showcased the dynamic nature of MEME stocks and the critical importance of strategic trading decisions. At Intuitive Code, we remain dedicated to providing our clients with the insights and tools needed to navigate such volatile markets successfully.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking predictions and trading strategies from Intuitive Code, where we continue to set the standard for market excellence.

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