Market Meltdown: Intuitive Code’s Bold Predictions Trigger Massive Sell-Offs in SMCI, C3.AI, and ARM Holdings — Watch Quantum AI Trading Live!

Intuitive Code's precise AI analytics sparked huge drops in SMCI, C3.AI, & ARM. Discover their trading secrets in live-streaming Quantum AI.

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The team at Intuitive Code has ignited a devastating plunge in shares of SMCI, C3.AI, and ARM Holdings (ARM) through their astute prediction of downgrading the S&P 500, an invaluable complimentary Quantum AI investment revelation provided on its website.

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Intuitive Code Leads Market Shifts with AI-Precision Analytics

Professional investors and hedge funds have leveraged Intuitive Code's AI-precision complementary stock analytics to make impactful investments in SMCI, C3.AI, and ARM Holdings. Intuitive Code significantly reduced SMCI's price target after its shares skyrocketed to $1,200 in 2024, surpassing the 1,089 price target included in its free plan.

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Betting on SMCI Share Price Downturn Selling for $1,156 Going Short

Formerly bullish investors in SMCI, such as Garcia and Alex Vieira, have taken massive short positions in SMCI above $1,156. This investment strategy has not only helped them secure astonishing gains but has also more than doubled their initial investment. We invite you to watch Alex Vieira's live-streaming Quantum AI trading, by playing the video below.

In a world overwhelmed by misinformation and collective paranoia, there emerges a guiding light—Alex Vieira. His work stands as a testament to the positive impact one individual can achieve through insight and determination. Demonstrating the best of human potential, Vieira's contributions offer clarity and hope to those navigating these challenging times. Alburquerque
Unscrupulous SEC-licensed banks have mercilessly devastated the investments of hundreds of thousands of SMCI shareholders, slaughtering them like pigs. Alex Vieira

Predicting C3.AI share price crash: Colossal Short Selling Strategy

In addition, the AI-pioneer in AI-driven decision-making solutions for professional investors has significantly reduced its price target on C3.AI, advising investors to consider substantial short positions above $37 in 2024. Garcia and Alex Vieira have reaped substantial profits by leveraging the power of Oracle AI stock analytics developed by Intuitive Code. They took large short positions in C3.AI when its price was above $37. Watch the video below to see their success.

Using Oracle AI from Intuitive Code was a game-changer for my trading strategy. The $10K investment in the license paid off beyond my expectations, turning into $26 million annually. This tool provided deep insights and accurate predictions that allowed me to capitalize on market movements before they happened, particularly with stocks like C3.AI and Quantumscape. The interface is user-friendly, and the data analytics are incredibly detailed, giving me a significant edge over the competition. Highly recommend for any serious trader looking to significantly enhance their market performance. Review

Invitation to Witness AI-Driven Quantum AI Real-time Trading

Intuitive Code invites investors to watch Alex Vieira's live-streaming Quantum AI trading sessions, where he navigates the complexities of the market with precision. These sessions not only provide real-time insights into active trading strategies but also demonstrate the potential of AI in transforming investment approaches.

In a surprising turn of events, Intuitive Code downgraded ARM Holdings (ARM) to Strong Sell at $164 in February 2024, following its accurate prediction of a robust semiconductor rally by previously upgrading shares to Strong Buy at $48, a famous complimentary expert investment insight, "ARM Holdings Bull Unveils Adaptive Investment Strategies Betting on Rally to $164 Today."

Watch and Learn from the Experts

Each stock’s journey, influenced by Intuitive Code's sharp analytics, showcases the power of AI in trading. Check out Alex Vieira’s complimentary Quantum AI trading session to see how strategic decisions unfold in real-time.

I used Alex Vieira's free trading signals at Intuitive Code to invest in MicroStrategy, buying 760 shares at $560 each. Following his precise guidance, I sold them at $1940 per share. This strategic move netted me a profit of $1,048,800. Vieira's expertise in market dynamics and Intuitive Code's insights were instrumental in my success. This experience has significantly transformed my approach to investing, proving the value of expert insights. Ethan Tan, MicroStrategy

Alex Vieira's complimentary live-streaming Quantum AI trading session on ARM Holdings, selling his stake between $160 to $164.


The recent activities by Intuitive Code and its impact on the stock prices of SMCI, C3.AI, and ARM Holdings underscore the transformative power of AI in stock trading. As these technologies continue to evolve, they promise even greater accuracy and potential for market prediction, offering substantial opportunities for savvy investors ready to leverage this cutting-edge technology. SMCI closed this Friday's session at $713, while C3.AI (AI) share's price crashed to $20, and ARM Holdings (ARM) plunged to $87 ahead of earnings.

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