Artificial Intelligence Architect who bet on Banks Collapsing and Tech Stocks Crashing sees his Predictions come True. Brace for AI Impact

Artificial Intelligence Architect who bet on Banks Collapsing and Tech Stocks Crashing sees his Predictions come True. Brace for AI Impact

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Artificial Intelligence Architect who bet on Banks Collapsing and Tech Stocks Crashing sees his Predictions come True. Brace for AI Impact

Brace for Artificial Intelligence Impact

An architect of artificial intelligence is a professional who designs and oversees the development of artificial intelligence systems. This can include developing the overall architecture of AI systems, selecting appropriate algorithms and models, and ensuring that the systems are reliable, efficient, and scalable. Architects of AI may have expertise in areas such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, and data engineering. They work closely with data scientists, software engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure that AI systems meet the requirements of the organization and are aligned with its goals and objectives.

Likewise in the investment industry, you have the corresponding figure, an architect of investing, someone who masters the different financial assets, stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities, and so on. So, it is simple to comprehend that

Only someone with expertise in both fields, artificial intelligence and investing, will be able to understand the repercussions that the former may have on future society by adequately preparing for the impact looming ahead, which will be brutal. Add geopolitics to this equation, and you will find less than five people in the world, the number of fingers in one's hand, who can eventually do it.

It is a waste of time and money to rely on Wall Street, gurus, the media, and the emotional crowd to succeed in investing in the markets. Instead, adopting a contrarian approach with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate the risk of investing and prevent emotional biases and human errors is preferable, giving a far superior return on investment.

Our clients find numerous contrarian investing strategies present in our offerings.

It was a great honor for me that Alex Vieira decided to comment on my article, in which I talked about the experience of investors in using financial analysis included in our free newsletters, specifically the experience of Jason, whose destiny and life changed by investing some time in reading our material regularly.

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In this 17-minute video comment, Alex Vieira reveals some of his current positions related to the collapse of banks in Europe and the United States, which is widely discussed in today's international news.

It's worth mentioning that in another longer video, Alex Vieira teaches in great detail why he took long-term short positions in certain banks that have now proven to be of enormous value to all those who decided to follow our team's critical opinion, which has been contrary to that of so many others in this industry.

Alex Vieira decided to share this knowledge with YouTube members because it has helped them prepare for success as investors since the beginning of the program. For example, you can find over 600 videos on YouTube for members for $99, including some of the best market calls in stock market history.

I invite you to discover the benefits of developing your ability to form critical opinions with the intuition to bet against entrenched interests in a rotten and miserable Western capitalist culture responsible for the deplorable state of our society, which is now dominated by unprejudiced populists who sell themselves in the public square every day.

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It is worth noting that on the day before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Alex Vieira appeared, suggesting not only the opening of several short positions but also the increase in the percentage of existing positions in the banking sector, as well as in some technology and other sectors.

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As expected, this intervention was a great success, motivating hundreds, perhaps thousands of investors. I affirm this not only because I know the content but also because I often read the gracious feedback from many of our readers around the world in my morning readings.

Finally, I remind everyone that our team has maintained a long-term short position in Credit Suisse, consistently reiterating a very negative opinion regarding the future of this bank. This opinion has remained constant for over a decade.

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