Alex Vieira's Bombshell Prediction: Massive Market Meltdown Looms Following Declaration of Full War on Trump Media

Alex Vieira forecasts a huge market crash, intensifying his assault on Trump Media with a new short-selling campaign

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Alex Vieira's Bombshell Prediction: Massive Market Meltdown Looms Following Declaration of Full War on Trump Media

In a dramatic shift in his investment strategy, Alex Vieira, a renowned market strategist, has moved his focus from well-known tech and industrial giants to other targets, potentially signaling a massive upheaval in the markets. Previously noted for his large short positions on companies like AMC, Boeing, and Tesla—which have all recently hit new 52-week lows—Vieira is now turning his attention elsewhere. This pivot is reflective of his strategic response to what he perceives as misplaced optimism among U.S. retail investors.

Three Years of Strategic Short Selling: A Journey with Alex Vieira

AMC Entertainment notably sank to $2.4, Boeing dropped to $167, and Tesla stumbled to $153, confirming Vieira's foresight on these stocks. However, Vieira is no longer concentrating on these familiar names. His newest and most controversial target is Trump Media (DJT), which he has openly labeled a "scam." This bold move is part of what Vieira calls a "full war" on the company, initiating a massive short-selling campaign that started when he downgraded its status to junk at $79. Since his declaration, Trump Media's stock has plummeted, closing at $23 in the most recent trading session.

Over the past three years, I've engaged in short selling a range of stocks, guided by the insights of Alex Vieira. My journey has spanned various companies, from Zoom Video, Peloton, and Bed Bath & Beyond, to Tesla, Zillow Group, and the recent addition of Trump Media, Marathon Digital, and Reddit. The portfolio also included high-profile names like Virgin Galactic, AMC, GME, Plug Power, C3.AI, Quantumscape, ROKU, IEP, XL Fleet, Apollomics, and Cheetah Net Supply. The experience taught me that achieving significant financial success—up to ten digits—is ultimately up to the individual investor's dedication and strategy. Nigel Thomas, UK, 2024

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We are at Full-scale War. The Primary Goal is to Crush the Enemy, Inflicting Intolerable Pain. Alex Vieira.
Alex Vieira Urges Selling Short Trump Media DJT stock

Vieira's approach is attracting a global audience, with thousands of investors reportedly making millions daily by aligning their strategies with his recommendations. His proactive and often contrarian positions are shaping him as a pivotal figure in investment circles, challenging the status quo and sparking significant discussions about market stability and investment safety.

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