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$ 99 lifetime *
  • 1-5,000 pay $99
  • 5,001-10,000 pay $299
  • 10,001-19,999 pay $399
  • 20,000-24,999 pay $499
  • 25,000-50,000 pay $699
  • All Trading Modules
  • Live Streaming & Chat
  • 100% profit for the user
99,999 % OFF


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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes, and you retain 100% of the profits generated during active trading to you. You’re paying $99 instead of $1 million for the same conditions.

You have here a list of the available modules plus some of Alex market calls within more than 65,000 case studies. Notice that this special plan will be using live streaming instead of private live rooms as the current active live trading.

Glad you ask! You get an ultra-performance AI stock forecast worth $25,000 if the total of 50,000 users is not reached within two years, and the minimum number of users is 15,000. You get access to the AI Technical Analysis course worth $25,000 if the number of users remain between 10,000 and 14,999. Between 2,000 and 9,999 you get a standard AI stock forecast worth $5,000. Finally, between 1 and 1,999 users get access to a premium article on the coming new Blog which might include an earnings call, see an example, or one of Alex’s market calls. 

Currently, only by PayPal. Stripe might be added in the future.

All of it. It’s the investors’ deal of the century. But, if you wish to share with our team you’re more than welcome 🙂

Sure, you’ve all the interest in doing so since it will dramatically improve your life. Which is your risk?

Lifetime is valid for 10 years, representing savings of 99,9999999% compared to the same version.

As soon as the total number of new users reaches 50,000. There’s a limited time frame of two years to get to this number. Start sharing with others to make it happen sooner.

The sooner you pay, the less you are going to pay, and start sharing with others! 

To help you! Alex has been helping people like you for more than 30 years. Also, since he is not know in the U.S this idea may help those living there from stopping losing money. 

We are making you a favor. If you don’t like it, pay the same as hedgies for the same conditions which is $1 million. In the event 50,000 users are not reached you will always get an item worth far more than the standard price. 

You can apply to this deal, but you only get the item of higher value if the total number of users is 50,000. Many users prefer not to wait for the outcome, placing orders for existing plans. 

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