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Browse through Intuitive AI Code educational library for investors in the markets. You can use our courses to trade stocks, Forex, ETF, oil, gold and cryptocurrencies. Learn how to use artificial intelligence to blow the competition out of the water.

Bear Trading Below Stock Price Target

A stock can trade below a given price target during bear markets or even during bull markets when the existing downtrend is extraordinarily strong. Firstly, you shall be informed there is a substantial difference between the definition of price target versus downside. The downside is lower than the price target, but it comes with a

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Bull Trading Above Stock Price Target

A stock can trade above a given price target in strong bull markets. Firstly, you shall be informed there is a substantial difference between the definition of price target versus upside. The upside is higher than the price target, but it comes with a premium risk. If your plan does not contemplate access to the

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1-click order and custom quotes

Contact our team to get access to 1-click order placement. How does 1-click order work? Basically, inform support which modules or special bundle you are interested in, and get a special approved quote in your email box ready to be shipped. Requirements It is required to have an account in the store. You may create

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Store policy

Pricing is available in the store for most items related to non-professional users. Other than that, refer to special bundles pricing available for app 365 users. Can I purchase a plan in the store without acquiring the app 365 plan? Of course, you can. The company created the app 365 for your own benefit including

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Minimum account size

For very small accounts, i.e. less than $8,000 it is suggested the following plans The gold standalone version – learn more here The Forex currency pairs, EUR/USD & GBP/US, both never reported a loss to this date of September, 2nd, 2019. Notes The company does not require a minimum users’ account size. There are users

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Special Offers

Special offers are divided into two different categories depending on whether you are a non-professional or professional user. Herein, we discuss non-professionals. AI Trading bundle This bundle results in savings of $7,000 per year including AI Trading for beginners plus the gold membership. Conditions: available for purchase during the first thirty (30) days after joining

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AI Bot Trading Basic Manual

Please refer to the following mind-mapping The complete version includes interactivity investment lessons trading strategies deep learning mind-mapping features enabled Introduction The introductory video is not mandatory. Basic Mind-Mapping The full version containing investment lessons and higher-level of access is the knowledge base is only available in special bundles. For more information refer to plans

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Push notifications

Intuitive Code offers notifications for logged-in and logged-out users. Logged-in notifications are divided into free and paid. Logged-out users Free notifications are divided into two different categories on the store on the website and blog Logged-in users To access notifications click on the option WHAT’S NEW on the main menu. To help one differentiating a

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Live Meetings and Streaming

Live Meetings and Live Streaming are premium features. Concerning live meetings, sometimes Alex carries out a live meeting on Microsoft Teams responding to users questions. These meetings may or may not be scheduled in advance. Note: Users cannot replay live meetings since Microsoft has not implemented this possibility yet. For more, information users shall refer

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Free Resources

Feel free to use the following Autonomous Trading Blog Intuitive Code Blog Intuitive app 7-days trial Push notifications available on the website and store.

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