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Course for investors: Overview

Take Control Of Your Future Picking Up The Best Companies to Invest in. The legendary investor, Alex Vieira, explains how did he get started investing in the markets and how you can pick up the best companies to invest, as he has been doing for 35 years. He chooses ten companies to discuss his long-term vision on how they are changing the world.

Invest in your education, learn how to develop strategic thinking, plan, and execute according to a long-term vision. Alex’s coaching has improved the lifestyle of thousands helping them to comprehend the future. Learn how to develop confidence, to stop failing before adversities, to focus on what matters instead of being manipulated by third-parties and fake news. Stop being a slave to society and learn about what you can accomplish as a human being no one has ever told you. Learn about the most influential companies in artificial intelligence.

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Who is the course for?

The course is based on the author’s actual experience investing in ten different companies using a framework that has proven to work regardless of market conditions. You do not need any experience trading or investing in the markets to benefit from Alex’s coaching.
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Learning Path

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

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Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… it takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction – Einstein.

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Everyone talks about competitive advantage but they don’t know what it is. 

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The author has been talking about AI and algorithms for over two decades. Only now, you hear about it from others, but they 

  • don’t have it
  • don’t know what it is. 

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Would you like to learn how the author called the crash on GameStop from $508 to $30. He started developing the model on his Master of Science in 1994 – see the proof on YouTube for members.

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Alex has a Master of Science in Engineering from UMIST in the United Kingdom where he finished with the highest distinction. They invited him for a Ph.D. at the Imperial College of London and Oxford. His field of study was Wave theory on stealth aircraft. He started designing algorithms in 1989. Alex destroyed common beliefs in financial analysis proving that prices can actually be predicted with a high level of confidence. Later on, he extended his work to ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and the Forex markets. He published over 65,000 case studies since then.

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What people are saying

Learn about people making $250,000 within four months, $7 million within two years having no previous experience investing in the markets.

We Change Your Life for the Better
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Most frequent questions and answers

We will release the course during 2021. Alex will make everything possible to do it in the first semester.  

You can save 25% during pre-order status only by using the coupon available in the cart.

You will get an invitation by email to attend the course. You may login to the course on the el-learning platform.  

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