Epic Meta Stock Forecast Changes Investing in Tech, Cremating the Fake Big Short Michael Burry and Fake Bull Jim Cramer

We review the outcome of our insights for investors in technology, comparing Meta Platforms' spectacular outperformance versus other big tech names

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We review the outcome of our insights for investors in technology, comparing Meta Platforms' spectacular outperformance versus other big tech names like Amazon, Google, Tesla, and Apple.

In addition, the markets validated the outrageous value of successful investing using artificial intelligence algorithms, AI tools, and expertise versus traditional methods. As a result, investors have seen large rotations of capital measured in hundreds of billions of dollars following Meta Platforms' blowout earnings report. You can learn more about why to invest in Meta Platforms versus other big tech names.

Meta Platforms the Big Tech Winner of 2023

Meta Platforms is the big tech winner of 2023. Even though we called the recent bottom in Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, none of these big tech names was going to outperform Meta Platforms; therefore, we chose to focus our capital and yours in Meta to achieve an outstanding return on investment.

In addition, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft missed earnings - none of these big tech names has seen its share price jump nearly 30%, unlike Meta.

Epic Meta Platforms share price performance

Meta Platforms' share price soared to $197the day after its earnings report. Did you know we called Meta Platforms' share price crash from $370 to $88? So, feel free to compare our competitive advantage versus other market participants, including professionals and the retail crowd.

The Fake Big Short

The fake big short, Michael Burry, is known for leaving messages on Twitter that trigger massive losses to naive investors. He is also well-known for deleting his Twitter account since he could not bear the disastrous performance of his calls. Let's remind you that Tesla short-sellers collapsed on his call to sell short the stock. Yes, Tesla stock crashed, but his followers were cremated, missing the big tech crash.

On the other hand, we called Tesla's rally and its share price crash without asking for any financial compensation. Furthermore, this individual recently made relentless attacks on Twitter urging investors to sell before stocks more than doubled going into 2023.

The Fake Bull Jim Cramer

Please do not ask me to comment about Jim Cramer. This individual screamed to buy Meta ahead of the big tech crash, to apologize to investors after Meta's share price cratered to $88. Instead, you can now see him commenting on TV and social media, claiming that his call worked fine.

I made a mistake here. I was wrong. I trusted this management team. That was ill-advised. The hubris here is extraordinary and I apologize. Jim Cramer

Wall Street Calls Investors Blind Fools

Our team has warned investors not to sell short stocks on Morgan Stanley downgrades for years. Morgan Stanley is known for deliberately downgrading stocks at the bottom, letting everyone know when to cover short positions, and reversing to the long side.

Likewise, they upgrade stocks at the top. Finally, I'd like to remind you about the famous case of Carvana (CVNA) that we have had the pleasure of discussing here.

Nonetheless, after Meta posted a blowout quarter, Wall Street's outlook remains the same. Alex Vieira commented on this matter this morning.

How to Invest in Meta After Earnings

Please refer to the insight and Intuitive AI stock analytics available in the autonomous app, and on ClickUp AI (ai.clickup.com). In addition, you also find Intuitive AI Avatar analysis on the intuitive app.

This article shall not constitute investment advice. I reported to facts here. Hopefully, you find value. My aim is that you avoid falling into similar mistakes.

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