Canadian User's Life-Changing Journey with Intuitive Code in Algarve: Forging Global Connections and Unforeseen Riches

Discover how Brian, a Canadian who invested just $990 in Intuitive Code's X-Insights, transformed his life and forged global connections.

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Discover how Brian, a Canadian who invested just $990 in Intuitive Code's X-Insights, transformed his life and forged global connections. This captivating tale from the scenic Algarve conference reveals a world of opportunity, cultural richness, and the unexpected rise of Americans in Portugal. Dive into Brian's inspiring story of professional growth, personal enrichment, and the power of being part of a visionary team led by the charismatic Alex Vieira.


As we embark on the journey into 2024, it's essential to recognize the strides made by Intuitive Code in enhancing user experience. Recently, the company announced a significant upgrade for all X Insight users to the new 2024 version. This upgrade, remarkably offered free of charge, is valued at seven times the original price. For those curious about what the new X-Insights entails, Intuitive Code invites you to ask the Oracle AI agent or visit their dedicated webpage for detailed information.

The Algarve Conference: A Gathering of Minds

In July 2023, Intuitive Code hosted a memorable conference in the scenic region of Algarve. This event was not just a meeting of minds but also an opportunity for users from various backgrounds to share their experiences with X-Insights. The company encouraged these users to document their stories, promising to feature them on their blog without any incentives. This initiative brings us to the extraordinary journey of Brian, a Canadian user of X-Insights.

Brian's Story: A Testament to Growth and Connection

Brian, who invested in an X-Insights license for $990 a year ago, shares his gratitude for being part of the Intuitive Code team. His experience reflects a high level of professionalism and excellence that exceeded his expectations. The visit to Portugal, especially the Algarve, left an indelible mark on him and his family. They were captivated by the country's beauty and the warm hospitality of its people.

The conference in Algarve wasn't just about business; it was a cultural and personal enrichment experience. The Intuitive Code team, serving as exceptional guides, ensured a memorable stay, recommending a fantastic hotel and organizing excursions to enchanting, serene locations. This event was a melting pot of cultures, allowing attendees to exchange experiences and perspectives with people from across the globe.

Beyond the Conference: Lasting Relationships and Future Plans

The connections made at the conference went beyond professional networking. Brian formed friendships that have led to invitations to visit countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These new relationships have also influenced his decision to invest in Portugal in 2024, with the guidance of the Intuitive Code team.

Interestingly, Brian noted the increasing number of Americans moving to Portugal, a trend he understood better after attending the conference. His only regret? Not starting this journey earlier. However, he firmly believes it's never too late to embrace new opportunities.

Brian Review

"I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude for the invitation to join this formidable team at Intuitive Code. From the outset, they have demonstrated a level of professionalism and high standards that I had never experienced before.

I had the chance to visit a wonderful country, one which I fell in love with, inhabited by warm and friendly people. My family accompanied me, and they enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

We spent marvelous days in the Algarve, guided by the Intuitive Code team. From the fantastic hotel they recommended to the excursions with other members to enchanting places, far from the madding crowd.

We had the opportunity to exchange experiences with individuals from other countries, immersing ourselves in cultures and viewpoints vastly different from our own, which genuinely enriched us.

This led us to establish friendships with others, resulting in invitations to visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We are planning to return to Portugal in 2024, where we have decided to invest, with the team's assistance.

I was unaware of the growing number of Americans in Portugal, but after understanding what is driving this movement, it didn't surprise me at all.

My only regret is not having started this journey earlier, but it's never too late if we choose so.

I was advised for discretion's sake not to discuss financial gains. However, I conclude by saying that it is a personal privilege to truly feel part of this fabulous team, led by the charismatic Alex Vieira.

My profound thanks go to Rui for his tireless help and to his charming family."

Conclusion: Gratitude and Reflection

In concluding his review, Brian expresses a deep sense of gratitude to the Intuitive Code team, especially acknowledging Rui and his family for their tireless support. While advised to be discreet about his financial gains, Brian ends on a note of personal privilege, feeling truly part of this fabulous team led by the charismatic Alex Vieira.

Intuitive Code's upgrade for X-Insights users and the success of the Algarve conference underscore the company's commitment to enhancing user experience and fostering a global community of connected, inspired individuals.

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