AI Trading Algorithm Picks Up the Best Stocks to Induce Monster Short Squeezes. Wayfair and Tesla

We do not recommend selling short stocks on Wall Street downgrades; instead, do the opposite, buying stocks to outperform consistently.

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We do not recommend selling short stocks on Wall Street downgrades; instead, do the opposite, buying stocks to outperform consistently, squeezing retail investors.

The U.S stock market is no longer about investing. The Federal Reserve distorted the rules, opening the door to literally burn millions of naive retail investors.

So, let's get started showing you how to burn them all.

Short Squeezes in the U.S Stock Market

The U.S. stock market is a casino without rules; therefore, we must use highly accurate algorithms to minimize the risk of investing by accurately measuring and then inducing sentiment changes, as we have demonstrated in thousands of case studies.

Do the opposite of any Wall Street analyst and next week you are a millionaire.
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By the end of 2022, we explained to Wayfair investors why we were no longer focused on selling short the stock, but instead recommending to close short positions using Wall Street downgrades near $30.

Shall we remind you that we downgraded Wayfair (W) to Junk at $348, calling a stock market crash? Did you know that before downgrading Wayfair, we upgraded shares to Strong Buy in 2020 using the same eternal investment principles? Indeed. We have done always the opposite of everyone else.

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Buy Wayfair and Tesla

So, we purchased more Tesla shares and Wayfair stock, despite the fact that none of them is going to rally back to their previous highs.

The primary objective of investing in the stock market is to obtain the highest return on investment. We accomplish this using technologies while others try to guess, although sometimes we may also fall into this scope temporarily. I say 'temporarily' because algorithms end up finding the best investment strategies, while humans stick to their emotions eternally.

In today's session, Wayfair jumped to $65 while Tesla soared to $179.


Hi, good morning, Alex here with Wayfair. I'm not going to talk about Tesla today.

I already addressed Tesla yesterday and today in the morning, buying more shares. Alex Vieira

I'm going to address Wayfair. You find a tremendous number of articles during many years, on how to invest in this company; we called the bull market in Wayfair, explaining that Citron Research, an American scam, went bearish Wayfair since single digits. Then, this stock went to the moon. In 2020, we reiterated Wayfair's strong buy.

You find the article published on the blog upgrading when shares traded for $25. Later, we downgraded, to junk, saying there was no value left in investing in this company for $348.

So you sold everything, reversing to the short side, and this stock melted down to the same price as in 2020. What happened here is that Wall Street, as in 2020, started downgrading Wayfair at the bottom. So, my friends, we told you everything you had to know to get retired.

You had plenty of time to execute according to a long-term step-by-step plan defined by algorithms and our expertise.

You follow the instructions. You execute. Period.

Wall Street will have to upgrade Wayfair. They are clueless. They chase stock prices, changing ratings to lure the retail crowd into the game. In Wall Street, stock ratings depend on stock prices, not fundamentals, technicals, or anything else. 

Wall Street has been doing the same in Tesla, downgrading and slashing price targets near the bottom. Therefore, history has repeated itself since the beginning of the times. 

Thank you. Have a great weekend.

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