AI Lying Detector Ultimate Risk Analysis Tool to Demystify Myth of Super-Rich, Geniuses, and Famous

We discuss what an AI Lying Detector is, its benefits, and real-world use cases to prevent significant losses investing in the stock market

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We discuss an AI Lying Detector, its benefits, and real-world use cases to prevent significant losses investing in the stock market. The AI Lying detector is remarkably accurate. We tested it for ten years in thousands of subjects, from the financial markets, and corporate landscapes, to geopolitics.

What's an AI Lying Detector

An AI lying detector is a system that uses artificial intelligence techniques to identify deception in spoken or written language. The goal is to automatically detect when someone is lying or attempting to deceive based on their words, tone, actions, and other cues.

Building an AI Lying Detector

Several approaches to building an AI lying detector include Natural language processing, Speech analysis, and Biometric analysis. In addition, to create a reliable AI lying detector for the financial markets, one needs to consider numerous metrics like insider transactions, investment firms' holdings, analyst reputation, bonuses, suspicious compensations, sources of income, coherency ratings, social media activity, and many more.

AI Lying Detector Benefits

We discuss the benefits of this ultimate risk analysis tool to invest in the stock market to prevent significant losses. Would not be great if you could learn about the next Maddoff? Our team has used this risk analysis tool thousands of times to predict crashes accurately.

Use cases: spotting stock and crypto scams

Some examples illustrate its value: Sears Holdings, AMC, Carvana, BBBY, and GameStop, all worthless risky assets. AI Lying detector finds excellent use cases for cryptocurrencies and crypto-related stocks. For example, we efficiently used one to call the crash in cryptos, Microstrategy, Coinbase, and RIOT Blockchain.

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Did you know Elon Musk's love for Dogecoin coincided with a climax buying, the top, followed by a crash? Likewise, the criminal Sam Bankman immediately spotted an opportunity to lure millions into a negative-sum game.

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The truth matters; hence anyone can make better decisions by relying on technology that works. In addition, we discuss how Wall Street and individuals intentionally deceive consumers by misusing the term artificial intelligence.

Years ago, any garage wanted to change its name to include words like crypto or blockchain, luring naive into a negative-sum game. Unfortunately, history repeats itself, and you see firms and scammers sharing similar practices today. But fortunately, our team told you what to expect free of charge.

So now you know why RIOT Blockchain is worth 3 dollars today, Dogecoin is worthless, Solana melted to 8 dollars, and Bitcoin to $16,000. You and us, together, have caught all of these historic opportunities.

AI Analytics Integration with AI Lying Detector

To accurately predict future stock prices, we integrate the output of the AI Lying Detector exhibiting its values in an Intuitive AI Analytics sub-set. Read this article.


To summarise, AI Lying detectors constitute a mission-critical tool to equip professional investors better to evaluate risk against an exponential increase in the number of scams and underlying level of complexity. Therefore, we invited everyone to attend the recent webinar, The Myth of the Super Rich, Geniuses, and Famous.

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