AI Decoded the Market: The New Gold Rush Excludes Tesla Bringing in Hidden Gems

AI Rejects Tesla, Spotlights Duolingo & ANF as 2023's Top Picks!

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Intuitive Code made a bold call to investors in 2023, advising the sale of Tesla shares at $293. This recommendation came as part of their expert investment insights, where they unveiled AI-driven trading signals and strategies aimed at outperforming Wall Street giants in investing in Tesla. As Tesla's shares plummeted to $213 in a recent session, Intuitive Code shifted its focus, advocating for investment in Duolingo (DUOL) instead. The firm's Oracle AI enterprise version highlighted Duolingo, setting an ambitious price target of $200 for the stock.

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Alex Vieira Urges Selling Short Tesla $293 in 2023

Strategic Insights. AI Analytics and Engineering Prompt to Invest in Duolingo.

Release notes: OpenAI GPTs: Intuitive Code's Edge in AI-driven Investing

Instead of investing in Tesla, whose price has dived to $213 in today's session, Intuitive Code recommended buying Duolingo (DUOL) shares at an average cost of $130 in 2023, making this extraordinary investment idea available in the Oracle AI enterprise version, giving the AI stock a $200 price target.

Alex Vieira Urges Buying Duolingo in 2023

Intuitive Code CEO commented on the recent developments, "We've been delighted seeing the crowd buying Tesla shares at excessive valuations, while Wall Street failed to address the best stocks to invest in 2023, like Abercrombie (ANF) and Duolingo." 

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