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Our mission is to empower anyone to outperform in the markets using AI algorithms, sharing the wisdom, and insight knowledge no one else has access to. Stocks. Forex. ETF. Cryptocurrencies. Oil. Futures. Commodities.

Get started with app 365

Running on Microsoft Teams

Teams is the number one choice for more than 13 million users. An easy to use scalable, reliable and collaborative app from Microsoft Corporation.


The new onboarding saves lots of time and money without the need to purchase an AI trading plan. Upgrade once you find the right plan for you.

7-days Risk-Free

Get a full refund on your Paypal account for the app 365 plan within the first 7 days. No-risk. No questions asked. No credit cards.

Easy to Use

No prior experience required investing in the markets. Listen to actual people like you who have made hundreds of thousands within a few months.

Pros and non-pros

Adaptive scalable solutions for non-professionals and market professionals. An options trader made 1,200% within four months. Interview available.


Choose a solution depending on your budget. Users can start with the basic AI Trading module scaling all the way up to full robotic trading.

Skyrocket Your Performance with Invaluable add-ons or a Special Bundle

AI-powered *

Add AI modules to gain access to AI data in Microsoft Teams. AI Trading, AI Portfolio, and AI Ratings for different objectives and account sizes.

AI Tesla *

Are you ready to experience the unthinkable? You can trade Tesla with 100% accuracy since IPO. Everything else is pretty ordinary and useless.

Courses *

Enroll in a course or multiple courses. More than three hundred lessons covering the basics and the most efficient advanced strategies.

AI-bot trading *

Add AI bot trading to your plan. Choose the accuracy of your bot for stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, oil, ETF, and IPO's.

Live Streaming Trading *

Not ready yet for AI? No problem. You can trade in the markets by listening to Alex's live market analysis, commentary and trading

Special Bundles *

Special bundles are the most popular representing the best value. Choose one including AI trading, courses, and expert support.

Bot reporting & feedback *

One of the most powerful add-ons running on Slack. It is a must-have for beginners, and 100% free in special bundles only.

AI Forecasts *

Alex's market calls can dramatically improve your performance overnight. Subscribers to special bundles get several AI forecasts free of charge.

Expert trading support *

Get feedback on audio or video from Alex, including spare meetings if appropriate. This is the most popular add-on.

Earnings calls *

We strongly recommend choosing Alex's live streaming trading if you're interested in playing the earnings season.

* Not included in app 365 by default. Upgrade required.

"These tools allow for communication to flow between AI and the Trader with very minor learning of the Trade Signal language a person has the opportunity to be directly connected through your mobile device. The future is here, we need only to apply ourselves."
William Dewald
Trader, Kuwait

Trade with the world’s best traders in more than five hundred companies and IPO’s listed on NASDAQ and NYSE

"Uncanny highly accurate market calls. Supported by a legend and a genius team."

Unanimous opinion from thousands of actual users since 1989.

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